These are all later stories

At the moment, when I heard the words "beloved woman", my eyes became dim.
He said coldly that his predecessors only know the emperor. How can he say that he knows the Cang clan men?
The woman chuckled when she was one leng. I don’t only know the emperor, but I also know the emperor’s father and brother.
They are all like this. I think this is a legacy and it is a dominant legacy.
Therefore, according to the law of inheritance, I guess your Cang family will not have genetic variation for a short time, that is, for hundreds of years.
Will always leave this feature behind
Cang ao frowned doubtfully. He couldn’t understand the strange words in her mouth.
But he had to admit that what she said was true.
His father died because of his mother’s melancholy, and now he is also a woman, regardless of his own life and death.
Even after she hurt him like that, he still didn’t forget her
Throw your head and tell yourself in your heart.
He is in a hurry to go, not her. He is worried that his country will not be occupied by He Lianlu.
The creaking heavy iron gate was pushed and the light poured in from the outside, which was very dazzling.
Empress, your father-in-law Guo respectfully made a gesture to Qianse.
Before I entered the darkroom, a musty smell came to my nose.
Thousands of colors didn’t frown at all, and walked in in spirit.
As soon as the footsteps sounded in the darkroom, there was a faint sound with a strong sense of survival in the darkroom.
Please leave me alone. I don’t want to die
You don’t have to guess a thousand colors to know that this is the sound from Liu Manqing.
On the third day of Liu Manqing’s quilt, that is, today, she finally decided an important news to change some food.
I have to say that Liu Manqing has a little backbone and actually spent three days.
Qianse suddenly changed her mind a little.
Maybe she can let her die happily and stop her from suffering more.
After getting used to the darkness in the room, Qianse saw the man curled up in the corner.
Now Liu Manqing looks very thin as if she had a skeleton left.
Go to the front of LiuManQing thousand colors commanding looked at her eyes without any sympathy.
Water, I want water. People are eager to look at her and make a weak sound.
Thousand colors turned to Guo’s father-in-law and gave him a look. Guo’s father-in-law came to help Liu Manqing put the water bag to her mouth.
LiuManQing see water bag like a hungry wolf grabbed his hand can’t wait to shoveled into his mouth.