Looking at Lin’s move, the face of the elder of Yin after Zong is also extremely difficult. It seems that the cooked duck flew away directly in front of him. If this matter is returned to Yin after Zong, he will inevitably be punished lightly.

However, although I know that the knot will not be very good, I dare not move at all when I feel the sharp fluctuation of the top of my head. I have no doubt that if he dares to move a top of my head at the moment, the small mink, which looks inconspicuous, will immediately split its head in half.
After weighing, after losing their lives and accepting punishment, the two Yin after the elders still made a wise choice.
Setting up the mental brand consumes a lot of time when Lin wants to manipulate the advanced operator, and it takes some spirit. It is also unexpected for Lin. If his spirit is much stronger than that of people at the same level, I am afraid it will be difficult to succeed in this advanced operator.
With the last spirit pouring into the rune, the dull body suddenly blooms with some brilliance, and those golden lines also spread to form an obscure and complicated rune.
It worked.
Looking at the mental brand formed on operator after forehead, Lin’s eyes are also a bright color of generate. He finally got a real operator after.
Aside Yin after elders see Lin move smoothly will operator after eyes is also a bit disappointed immediately grind way now you operator after also got the total should let me go?
His heart is determined to inform Teng Lei and others as soon as he gets away. Earlier, their manpower may not be unable to stop the advanced operators from moving.
Smell speech Lin smiled but not to him, but focused on staring at the front that exudes a strong oppression. Although he is not sure that this operator can really compete with the strong environment of nature, he is able to get away with it without any problems when facing Lin Langtian’s half-step nature.
However, if you want to manipulate this advanced operator, you need to consume pure Yuan Dan, which is also extremely horrible. If you want to play a half-step attack like Lin Langtian’s, I’m afraid that an attack alone will consume tens of thousands of pure Yuan Dan Lin’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. Although the advanced operator is powerful, it is also a hole that devours pure Yuan Dan. Even today, after he robbed Huazong, he still has more than 200,000 pure Yuan Dan, but obviously it is also a method for this advanced operator to squander at will. If it is not the key moment, this advanced operator will still have to save his life.
It seems that those guys haven’t beaten Yao to succeed in the advanced operator. Lin is also relieved. He glanced at the top of his head and then suddenly turned to look at the dark place.
This operator after the nest through the ground, and the more the operator after the level is higher, but that level operator after want to come should not be here, otherwise Yin after cases won’t be here for a higher operator after.
Of course, let Lin move most concerned about now is not what operator after, but his main purpose is to devour ZuFu this time.
When he entered the Fu after the nest, he was also able to vaguely feel that the fluctuation that made his life in the Mud Pillow Palace tremble seemed to come from underground.
Murphy that devour ZuFu is at the bottom of this operator after the nest?
Lin’s eyes flickered and he didn’t hesitate at once. The surge of suction in the palm of his hand is to grasp the Yin after the elders into his hands and then look at the mink. Two people, a mink, quickly swept away at the bottom of the nest.
Devouring ancestors must be obtained.
His body is rapidly falling, and his eyes are getting hotter and hotter. The most precious treasure in this ancient monument is that it devours Zufu. Whatever he says, he wants to get it. Chapter 270 Black altar.
Dark operator after the nest, Lin’s body is flying with a strong wind, and the caves around him are also running at an alarming speed.
And with the size of the forest, it was completely clear how horrible the scale of the nest was. Previously, they met those who were just the tip of the iceberg.
Moreover, this kind of operator after nest is getting stronger and stronger. According to the sable, the third-class operator after low, middle and high is just the first stage grading in the operator after. In that advanced operator after, it is still called the spiritual level operator after, and it is still more advanced in the spiritual level, let alone the fairy after.
Of course, for Lin Dong, it is too far away and unrealistic to say that the spirit is after days and so on. Now he has to have a headache just to get an advanced operator. How can he feed this bottom hole? I’m afraid that even if he is given a "spirit", he is capable of watching and trying to provoke that level of operator. I’m afraid he can make the operator move his fingers.
Looking around at those huge caves, for example, I know that I’m afraid that in a long time ago, all these caves should be filled with that kind of extremely strong operator, which seems to be the kind of grade operator. It doesn’t seem to destroy all the traces, but I can’t leave any traces. It’s a pity that I want to watch those who say that the operator is in the forest.
With the rapid decline of his figure, his face suddenly changed slightly. He found that there seemed to be an extreme yin and cold, which slowly condensed into pieces of cold clouds from the square and floated in this nest.
It’s so cloudy and cold
Lin’s spirit is a little touched by that kind of strange cold, that is, he is shivering all over, even the mud pill palace is shaken, and his face is filled with dignity.
Be careful, it’s nine deep and remote cold. It must be connected to the underground. If this cold invades the body, even the spirit will be frozen. The sable wakes up behind him and says,
Then how to get to Lin Dong? Look at the cold clouds with a frown. These cold clouds will block all the roads to the square. But if you rush in, Lin Dong doubts whether he can withstand the terrible cold now.
Don’t worry about Lin. These nine deep and remote chills need the strength of nature to rush in. If you want to die, don’t drag the elder. The elder of Yin Zong looked at those cold clouds with great fear and quickly shouted.
How do you know that it is necessary to be strong in nature to pass through Lin’s eyes flashing suddenly
Er, the Yin-after-the-Sect elder snorted and didn’t say anything.
No matter how cold he is here, I can still cope with the sudden surge of purple and black light with a wave of the sable claws, and then I wrapped them all and rushed directly into the cold.
When I rushed into the nine deep and remote cold, Lin Dong clearly saw that the purple and black light curtain wrapped around me turned out to be spreading rapidly. It is hard to imagine how horrible the cold here is.
But fortunately, although the cold here is horrible, it is also a rush in the past when the special energy of the mink bumps for a few minutes, and with the stability of the cold side, a huge altar bigger than black slowly appears in the forest field of vision.
Looking at the building, Lin moved my heart, but I didn’t let my guard down. The body force surged and finally I grabbed the Yin Zong elder and slowly fell to the altar.
Fall altar Lin looked around still dead, this just quietly breathed a sigh of relief eyes swept.
This altar is cold, black, cast in black iron, and looks strange with many stone pillars.