Wan Li Feihong Tong Yuanji sat there and hummed no more words. He was not happy in his heart. It was really annoying that he took such a determined person with a big result at the moment and was taken away by the Qingcheng School.

Chapter 14 Fighting Mountain Man
First of all, there is nothing to say. Although many friends encourage me, it is true that the collection is falling. Many friends have left, but I can persist and believe that there is a rainbow after the storm. I hope you will support me more. Let’s give some collection recommendations. Thank you, brothers. Motivation and life depend on you.
After chatting for a few words, everyone walked together to the prepared venue, which was a spacious threshing floor. After several days of preparation, the challenge and wine banquet had been set up there.
The banquet is divided into two sides for the two families to sit in. It is a spacious avenue covered with fine sand, close to the challenge ring, and there are knife dikes and lotus piles. These arrangements are mainly to test the martial arts of each person
Shortly after taking the seat, people from both sides arrived at Daijiachang. There were Song Changgeng himself and Jade Qing master Wan Li Feihong Tong Yuanqi sitting in the town, with two sisters, Wu Wenqi and Zhou Qingyun, Huang Xuanji.
Xiong Mei, a female flying girl, and Cui Qi, a female Dapeng, came back yesterday and borrowed the "Five Elements of Fire Needle" from their master and brought the words of Grandma Jin and Luo Ziyan to Song Changgeng in four words: "Gonghou chez".
Dai Hengyu and his sister Dai Xiangying, Xu Yue and Xu brothers, Bai Qi and Xia Monk, disciple Zhao Xinyuan, Wei Qingling Cao, daughter Ling Yunfeng and Yu Yun were there.
The other party came from Fa Yuan, the leader of the barbarian, Yao Jiang, the seven-handed hag, the dragonfly, the founder of Huashan fire school, Lu Xian, Guo Yunpu, the dumb Taoist Kong Ling, the fire lion Cao Fei, and Bai Huxing Jun Yucigu.
There are still a few people who escaped from Ciyun Temple. Although they are not dirty, they can also gather together a number to deal with the sword fairy, but they can’t deal with ordinary fighters. These people are still very good.
It’s the struggle between Daijiachang, a small mountain village, and two other mountain villages, Lu Village and Chen Jia Village. Because of the addition of these sword spirits, the people in the three villages have gone bad.
Seeing that everyone was seated, the leaders of both sides talked about some scenes, talked about their own reasons, and finally decided to go on stage together, each depending on the winning or losing words.
After that, there are two fighters. These people’s martial arts are more powerful in the eyes of ordinary people, but they are far worse for practitioners, whether it is strength or technology.
Practitioners can do it with a mouthful of pure information. It takes more than ten years or even decades for practitioners to achieve the effect. The difference is only proficiency and small skills
The dazzling martial arts of the station are very attractive to practitioners like Dai Hengyu and Dai Xiangying, Bai Qi, Xu Yue and Xu, but boring to practitioners like Song Changgeng.
Therefore, like everyone else, he is looking at each other’s banquet and looking for a moment to put the right person to choose with himself, that is, Yao Jiang, the red bodhi old zu brother in southern Xinjiang, is OK.
He’s doing this, and so are others. Master Jade Qing has already glanced at Fa Yuan, while Wan Li Feihong Tong Yuanji has looked at seven-handed hag, dragonfly and Zhou Qingyun, and other girls have also found their own opponents.
The fight in the ring quickly escalated, and then someone lost to his partner and went to help. On the other side, the two sides stopped fighting. First, several people gradually spread the fighting.
Master Yu Qing, they didn’t have any motivation. Several people across the street didn’t move. Finally, they released their flying swords because Fa Yuan didn’t want to lose their own face.
So jade Qing master to intercept Yao Jiang and dragonfly to stop Tong Yuanji and Song Chang Gung also at the same time to two aspects completely scuffle scene chaos.
Song Chang Gung released Shao Yang Jian and frowned for a while. Because Yao Jiang was incredibly weak, he couldn’t support it for a few times. He didn’t look like a master at all.
After several temptations, Song Changgeng finally decided that the killer had ruined him and ended the fight. At this time, he saw Yao Jiang slap his chest and yell at the sky, and then a red light came out of his mouth.
As soon as this red light rushed out, it soared in the middle of the night and quickly became a giant snake. Song Changgeng took a closer look at the snake, which was more than ten meters long and more than one meter thick, and its whole body was reddish with gold spots.
As soon as the snake appeared, it did not fall to the ground, but circled and swam in the water, and its breathing had formed a huge red wind. Although its body was huge, the snake was unusually flexible and faster.
It’s a sign that this square is full of fishy smell. Others don’t smell some of that fishy smell, so they feel dizzy and stumble away quickly.
Song Chang Gung didn’t move. He closed his breath, took a tire breath, and transported Shaoyang Sword. He didn’t even cut the snake twice. It was obviously strong and could not easily hurt the flying sword.
This kind of thing aroused his interest, and the three swords were combined into a huge rainbow more than ten meters long and one meter thick, hovering and dancing in the middle.
Two people at first, others are afraid of breathing the poison gas and being swept by the sword light. Looking at the two people fighting at a distance, both sides have stopped fighting.
After the huge rainbow attacked several times in a row, the giant snake was a little injured, but it was a little inflexible, but it became more fierce, fighting as if it were going to die endlessly.
After Yao Jiang released the giant snake, he watched it for a while. The snake was a little enemy, but he was cruel and took out a magic weapon from the waist-dried Kun bag to start it.
Look at his magic weapon. Song Changgeng’s heart moved. He got a feather from his right waist and dried it in Kun’s bag. It was from the treasure house that he got three firebird Bifang feathers.
The feather is as glittering and translucent as a palm-length ruby, and there seems to be a flame burning in it. Song Chang-geng turned into a 11-meter firebird with a slight one-line method.
The whole body was burning with flames. As soon as the birds appeared, they ran to the giant snake and soon struggled with it, but it was not as strong as the giant snake and kept flying around it.
The magic weapon that Yao Jiang took out was a delicate and unique crossbow with twelve crossbows on it. When he urged two of them to move, they rushed as fast as lightning.
As soon as the two crossbows were more than one meter away from the crossbow, they turned into two green brilliance, surrounded by many five-color smoke and foul smell, and flew straight towards Song Changgeng’s head.
This is the mountain treasure of Yaojiang’s grandmaster, Red Ancestor of South Xinjiang, which is called "Hundred Poisonous Smoke Lanlianzhu Flying Crossbow". It is a combination of all kinds of poisonous weeds and poisonous insects, and the hardware is refined and tempered, just as the crossbow can be collected and attacked quickly and violently, and it is difficult to resist.
As soon as the crossbow comes out of the enemy’s flying sword, the enemy’s flying sword will be polluted and fall to the ground. If the poisonous mortal touches it, he will die immediately.
Chapter 15 Alternative Yuan God
(Second, as always, there is nothing I can do to collect and recommend. I also ask my brothers and sisters to support me. Thank you, brother. Thank you so much.)
When Yao Jiang took the magic weapon Song Chang-geng, he replaced his flying sword with Bi Fang Huoyu. When Yao Jiang released two, he divided the three Yang and one Qi swords into two bolts to resist each other.
When I came to Yaojiang, I still hoped that these two crossbows could pollute Song Changgeng’s flying sword, but I didn’t know that this three-yang flying sword was already the top flying sword root, so I was not afraid of evil pollution.
Shaoyang Sword and Zhongyang Sword each resist a crossbow, and the Sun Sword and Shaoyang Sword will cut two pieces in one or two, and then the other will be twisted when the three swords are wound around.
See so easy Song Chang Gung can’t help but frown. How can this "poisonous smoke haze flying crossbow" be so famous in southern Xinjiang? This made him a little puzzled.
But with a little thought, he became white. If the red bodhi old zu in southern Xinjiang came to personally make this magic weapon, he would have to move the’ Xuan Yin blood flame God Gang’ to resist it.
And this Yao Jiang is too weak to root out the real ability of this magic weapon, and this magic weapon is made of hardware, but the three yang and one sword is really the essence of meteorites
It’s good that the two materials are different from each other, but Yao Jiang doesn’t understand these. He was furious when he saw that his magic weapon was destroyed.
At that time, I shot all ten crossbows in spite of the warning of the red bodhi old zu. At that time, the green light flashed and the five-color smoke condensed into a ball.