But sucking one of the roots won’t paralyze the serpent. The problem is that at this point, it’s no good if you don’t attack from leitian, because the stele of stars and yuan gods may not be able to go all the time if it resists the first digestion.

Leitian, if you don’t continue to attack the Star Monument, you will give it to the serpent.
It is not a good thing to leave for your father at once or take a chance. If you go to your father, it will leave a shadow in your heart, and you will have to pay a higher price to erase it.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-nine Yuan Shen tablet
Leitian turned his mind and paused for a moment. He threw the crack star enchantment gun and penetrated the serpent’s body, directly hitting one of the pick Jin Xianyuan.
Anti-ginger seven-star magic gun is a method to digest oneself and save the stele of stars and gods first.
This thing is too precious. Leitian was very sincere when he knew the ghost of Star Niang and refrained from killing her to watch her contribute to the Star Yuan Monument. Leitian divided the grievances between the Star Niang and himself, and he refused to do this ungrateful thing.
Leitian made up his mind to deal with this star soul, which has not yet grown up. His seven-star magic gun directly sucked up a star soul body, a pick and a golden fairy source. The serpent was hit hard by this, and every twist of his body was full of violent power.
Leitian simply putting a thunder pool will fill this thunder pool and it won’t be damaged. Although the attack method hurts this star soul, it can suppress the speed attack power of the star soul.
That’s enough. Leitian drew a gun. Luo Xiu slaughtered Yang Ji. He has chopped off the surrounding rain. According to the plan, he folded his eyebrows and sword and cut it on the snake neck. Leitian himself has held down the snake. The snake twisted its body and lashed its tail repeatedly on the ground. Every one of them smashed the ground rocks and splashed them.
Rain sword cut a deep wound in the neck of the serpent boat and cut it directly into the bone.
But this sword was caught after all.
The rain turned red, as if blood were pouring in. The serpent was a defense, which hurt her, but the more frustrated she was, the stronger her fighting spirit would be.
The rain shook his hand, and there was already a silver dusk. The silver oath was blown by her mouth and sprayed with a red breath, and then he came to the serpent’s eyes and drilled into it.
Luo Xiu killed Yang Ji, and most of the attacks were cut in the serpent. The one-horned serpent never smoked its tail sideways. Except for Leitian, three people were hit by great power and hit the wall.
The three people’s faeries stirred up and almost collapsed. The serpent also attacked Luo Jinxianyuan at random and was sucked away. Such a serious injury made it feel fear in its heart.
It can also be confusing. I wonder if these three weak things will take away another pick, Jin Xianyuan. Now I want to escape instead of killing these three pesky guys.
Luo Xiuzhen put it on her avenue and told me where it was.
Leitian faeries fit and threw themselves at Luo Xiu’s body. I saw another location of Luo Jin Xianyuan and gave it to Luo Xiu.
The snake’s eyes were injured, but it didn’t matter. There was a spark burning in her eyes, which dissolved Xiaoyu’s silver sunset. Xiaoyu took this opportunity to draw back her eyebrow sword. Her body leaned against the wall and gasped, but she was anxious and hated.
I haven’t cut off the head of the serpent. It’s my lack of realm that has dragged Luo Xiu back from Leitian. Now I want Luo Xiu to go to the rain and almost vomit blood.
Leitian Luo Xiu is very calm and calm. Luo Xiu got the position of the second pick Jin Xianyuan, and he really took the seven-star magic gun and stabbed it from the back of the serpent.
The snake’s back flashed black luster, and the luster formed a scale shape. The scales and runes filled the air, and the gun actually missed.
Luo Xiuzhen’s nine beautiful women’s heads and eyes were wide open, and they drank one word and nine words at the same time. Only in this form can she exert her greatest power. No matter how high you are, you can’t spit nine words at the same time.
This nine-headed beauty snake can recite nine words of truth at the same time without any difference.
Nine-word mantra, one Luo Xiu, one spear again.
Her body was blown away again.
Leitian collapsed in Luo Xiushen, and he could watch the two real serpents struggle.
Slaughter Yang Ji has fallen to the ground and folded his eyebrows. The swordsmanship is running. Luo Xiuzhen is lying on the ground and dying. He grabbed the tail of the seven-star magic gun and sent it to the giant snake. This time, the giant snake could no longer resist the body breaking and flying, and hurried away from this with the seven-star magic gun.
The demon gourd was released, and a pair of golden yellow wings and thunder flashing hands behind Biluotong chased him with a gold stick.
The ghost phoenix is also a fire, following the Biluotong chasing the ghost moon.
Outside the moon, it’s the only time to catch up with the serpent behind him. The serpent has already hit the body hard, but it won’t be an opponent even if it loses the golden fairy source to find Luo Tong. At this time, it swallows the stars and the tablet is going up in its stomach.