It is obviously extremely difficult for Lin to win the silver tower from these guys with deep pockets.

It’s really difficult, so does Yan. Now Lin is not strong enough to shock and awe here. He also has to sit down honestly and often compete for this silver tower of Lei Zufu, but his financial resources are obviously not enough for this qualification.
Lin Dong took a sip of his mouth, but his dark eyes flashed a look for the second Zufu. He spent a lot of effort. Since his eyes found clues, he didn’t let go. Anyway, he had to get the silver tower.
Lin’s eyes flashed with a sharp look, and then he suddenly turned around, and then he was dazed, because when he saw Mu Lingshan beside him, he was actually staring at the silver tower at the auction table in absentia.
Brother Lin, that thing seems to be something special. Mu Lingshan raised her clear eyes and looked at Lin. Then they heard the sound and said
Lin smell speech canthus is can’t help but twitch a look deep with some incredible, isn’t this girl unexpectedly also aware of the silver tower ZuFu fluctuations, but how is it possible that this girl body can’t ZuFu she can sense the unique fluctuations?
Well, it’s unusual
Lin moved to suppress the vibration in his heart and nodded slightly. Now he is not in much mood to study whether Mulingshan sensed that kind of fluctuation. If he wants to get the small silver tower now, Tang Dongling can’t help but smile when he looks at the riot. The beautiful eyes stare at the small silver tower in his hand and immediately smiles. The auction price of this tower is 30 million yuan Dan.
In this way, the atmosphere of the riots in Chage suddenly stagnated, and then several people sat quite depressed. This kind of price is not to say that even some powerful forces with deep financial resources have to weigh it a little, and this is the initial price, and then they will fight for it. What horror will it get?
The commotion is much quieter at this amazing price, and even the big forces in front are frowning and dignified.
Hehe, it’s amazing that people have come first, so I can lead a brick to attract jade. Xie Yan’s greedy eyes looked at the silver tower and immediately licked his mouth and took the lead in laughing at 32 million.
Why didn’t you just press that little girl back to my celestial monument? Thirty-five million middle-aged men dressed in mysterious clothes smiled without irony. He is from the North Xuanhaitian Monument, and his background is quite strong, not weaker than that of the grotto.
Since everyone is so cheerful, I’ll join in the cave. Three million people in white have never participated in a competition for Qian Zhou from beginning to end, and it’s also at this time that I smiled.
Hehe, my hanging price is 40 million
Ah, Lin moved with his back against the chair, looking at what he saw, but his eyes were slowly narrowing. This price was dumped from one to the other.
Obviously, relying on regulatory channels, he has lost the competitive qualification of these big powers.
Don’t mix this kind of fighting. Lin moved his head and looked at Mu Lingshan. The little girl seemed to be eager again. He shook his head immediately.
What MuLingShan puzzled asked, she could see that Lin was also very concerned about the little tower.
No, can you compete with those guys, even if you win, can you take it away smoothly with the strength of both of us?
Mu Lingshan hesitated, though she didn’t want to, but she nodded. Although she was naughty, she was not stupid. She knew very well that it was quite difficult for anyone who successfully auctioned this small silver tower to take it away.
It’s not the two of them, even those who are fighting for big powers in front are the same. Other forces who are fighting for failure will not give up easily if they want to.
This silver tower is only the first round of the auction.
Lin breathed a sigh of relief and looked on coldly. Since the rules and means can’t get this small silver tower, they will take a wrong path. Anyway, he must fight for this small silver tower in Chapter 910.
51 million
53 million
Lin looked at the big forces in front of them who were constantly pricing. At this time, the price has reached a very hot point, and the price of 50 million is not a small sum even for them.
Therefore, when the competitive price was once again plundered to 55 million, some big powers were unwilling to sit there, but it was obviously impossible to give up this small silver tower so easily by looking at their slightly gloomy faces.
It seems that everyone won in this auction in vain, either because they got the silver pagoda completely or because they got a head start at best.
Looking around the field, Lin Dong has left three powerful forces, that is, the evil wind cave, the dry cave, the magical devil Sect. Obviously, these three families don’t want to give up.
However, the price is already quite high. After some fierce competition, it has finally stabilized at the price of 61 million, and the final price is evil.
It’s really Qian Lin who looks at it with a weak smile and stands out from so many competitions, and the evil eyes are slightly playful.
Hehe, Yan Xiong is really generous. Although this small silver tower may be a reincarnation of a strong abode of fairies and immortals, after all, it has not been completely confirmed that you can buy it at such a price. It’s really good courage. Qian Zhou suck up and make clicks at Xie Yan and laughs.
Thank you, brother Qian Zhou, for waking up, but I think it’s worth the price. Xie Yan’s heart is really angry, too. It’s not the last time Qian Zhou wrangled. How can this price be so high?