Just now, when Meng Fei was preparing to stab all the blood people, the little dragon mouse suddenly came to a burst of urgent thoughts. Although I don’t know why the little dragon mouse wants to do this, the meaning is enough for Meng Feibai to stay because of this special spirit of this skeleton. It has already produced consciousness.

This is the first time that Meng Fei has found that skeletons can hold their own consciousness.
Although the skeleton consciousness is still very weak, it can barely express itself, but the representative meaning is to make Meng Fei feel indecisive.
It should be noted that the undead need less spiritual wisdom to reach the level of demon corpse, and although this ancient skeleton called ghost has been checked in and recently swallowed and merged with Situxiu’s spiritual strength, it is still far from the realm of demon corpse.
A skeleton actually gave birth to a spirit, which made Meng Fei feel uneasy
Is this skeleton already moving towards another evolutionary path?
Or maybe the owner of this skeleton is not strong, and now it shows signs of recovery.
But after a little hesitation, Meng Fei chose to release the skeleton according to the wishes of the little dragon mouse. At this moment, I feel grateful for it. Meng Fei was slightly relieved.
At present, it seems that the ghost ancient consciousness should be evolved, and if so, it will not be dangerous to itself.
And hold the consciousness skeleton is advanced to the undead master potential, if you can cultivate the ghost ancient into such a level, it will increase a trump card for yourself and greatly enhance the strength of Meng Fei.
Ghost ancient mouth made a muffled roar, the roar sound wave is extremely low, but the cold, cold and tough meaning is clearly audible.
The wave swept away, and the red mans in the eyes of many people surrounded by blood flashed quickly, stopped and trembled, and knelt down on the ground, which was a breath of awe.
Meng Fei eyebrows slightly pick eyes dew somewhat stunned color is unexpectedly ghost ancient was able to directly suppress the many blood.
Roar in the face of so many people kneeling on the ground with blood in their mouths, the ghost sends a roar, and a lotus flower instantly rushes at the people kneeling on the ground with blood.
Keep listening and clicking
Lotus flower everywhere, those bloody people’s heads suddenly fractured in succession, and lotus flower was swallowed by ghosts without hesitation.
In the face of the ghost, the people who slaughtered so many blood people mercilessly were all frightened and trembled slightly, but no one dared to resist or escape.
In just a moment, except for four bloody people, it was fortunate that hundreds of bloody people were slaughtered and swallowed up by many bloody people. After the lotus flower was contained in the ghost’s eyes, the red mans soared and the bones became more and more red, as if they were going to be born.
Roar ghost ancient mouth send a light roar that kneeling on the ground shivering blood red mans eyes flash and then got up and walked to the front, respectfully kneeling on the ground seems to be in worship the king.
The ghost ancient is to stretch the bone palm and take a bone to insert it into one of the blood people.
Listen to pa yi
The blood man’s body should be shattered, and the blood immediately melted into the bone-helping bone. Soon, a new bloody skeleton was built by the ghost.
The newborn bloody skeleton knelt on the ground and the bones trembled violently. The red mans in his eyes flashed like pain to the extreme.
Meng Fei looked at the heart a little puzzled. If ghosts and ancient ideas slay these four blood people, it should be meaningful to do so unnecessarily.
However, a moment later, the red mans eyes of the newborn bloody skull flashed slightly, and then the body stopped shaking.
Ghost ancient at the moment to withdraw the root bone that newborn bloody skeleton body bone is emitting a rare red mans, in the red mans a bloody cloak slowly formed in the newborn bloody skeleton shape became a strange scene.
The skeleton horse with the bloody cloak looks like a ghost bone. It is respectful to go behind the ghost ancient, and there is nothing strange.
Meng Fei heart big-ghost ancient this kind of line is like building or waving Chapter one hundred and ten Deep in the blood pool.
A moment later, the ghost Guli helped the bones. After the other three blood people inserted it, they quickly returned to Meng Fei and didn’t move.
Meng Fei nodded with satisfaction, and after the induction of God’s knowledge, he could know that the ghost ancient wanted to express consciousness, so that he ran Honky ancient what was this doing?
Meng Fei Guigu took Guigu to build four skeletons and walked along the jade ladder towards the blood pool.
Now that there are four skeleton cannon fodder, Meng Fei is more confident and determined to explore the mystery of this blood pool
But sometimes things often depend on people’s expectations
Meng Feilai should meet more and more bloody people on his way to the top, and he never met a bloody person again.
And what made him feel even more incredible was that the blood pool as high as hundreds of feet turned out to be an entrance to the world.
There is a thin layer of blood in it, which directly passes through this bloody barrier. Now Meng Fei is in front of a boundless grass.
In the face of this situation, it really made Meng Da talk less. He was ready for a big war, but he didn’t follow his wishes when things developed.
Every blood person will leave a quite pure energy when he dissipates, and this energy theory is quite nourishing for Ghost Ancient or Meng Fei in this killing.
After Meng Fei broke into the blood pool, he was sent to the door with a lot of blood.
Then when you know that you are careful to avoid them, you may encounter many blood people, but it may not be easy for you to find them.
Now Meng Shaoshao has encountered such a situation. Through the blood pool, he led the ghost Guqi’s four skeleton hands to walk in this grass for a long time and didn’t see a living thing.
Led the ghost ancient four skeletons around in the grass for half a day until Meng Fei suddenly smelled a bloody smell in front when he wanted to return.
Killing Meng Fei suddenly perked up, but he was worried that who would be killing in this environment?
Skeletons have a sharper sense of smell than humans, and ghosts have long smelled it.
In the past, look at Meng Fei and immediately give the ghost an order. It’s easy for people to handle affairs. Some dangerous reconnaissance things can’t be done without taking risks.
Immediately, the ghost sent a bloody skeleton to quickly run in the direction of the scent.
It wasn’t long before the ghost sent the bloody skeleton back to Meng Feifei with an idea, which probably means that in front of my master is a small tribe of blood people, about twenty blood people.