Gee, the ancient family seems to be unlucky this time. That Su Tai is younger than Sophie Su in Su Jia’s family, but that Gu Yan has just broken through to the metaphysical realm.

Yes, it seems that the three games in the ancient family are already two bad games, which is quite dangerous.
Listening to the many whispering S languages around them, the ancient families here are also worried. It seems that this distribution is unfair to them, but this distribution is random and it can be counted as bad luck.
This distribution is not good for us. Lin looked at Gu Mengqi and asked
Your surface strength is really not so good. Gu Mengqi laughed and then she took one look at Sue’s house. Sophie Su said, you met Sue’s younger generation with the strongest strength, while I met Sue’s family, the weakest of the three.
Yu Xiaoyan is a little troublesome. Su Tai has already stepped into the living Xuan jing Ji’s hand. She lost a lot. The focus of this competition is on you, Su Yanshen. Your victory or defeat will determine who can advance to the next round.
This time, we are the strongest, the strongest, the strongest, the lowest and the lowest, and the distribution surface is 50-50. Of course.
At this point, Gu Mengqi paused with beautiful eyes and stopped in the forest. Still, your real strength must be far beyond the surface, or you will lose to Sophie Su, then we will lose.
Although they all know something about Lin’s strength after passing through the ancient meteorite in Mo Tao, after all, they have never seen Lin’s real hand, and no one knows whether he can show good strength in the face of Sue’s best young man.
Lin nodded silently, but didn’t say much. After ji’s hand, all doubts will end. Now it’s beautiful.
Let’s enter
Gu Mengqi said that he would not say anything more. With a wave of his hand, Y took the lead and then landed on a spacious platform.
Lin Dong depends on you this time. Gu Yan smiled at Lin Dong Nai and swept away. It seems that she knows very well that she will lose more and win less this time.
Looking at the two nv beautiful images, Lin can also shrug his shoulders. His body movement is directly on one side and then he looks up and the line of sight is locked in the Su Yanshen.
At this time, that Sophie Su also turned his eyes and stared at Lin’s extraordinarily thin face. L, with a faint smile, a little broken wind sounded directly. Now Lin is in the audience.
In the middle school, the old eye of Shen Tu’s family, ljng, scanned the field and then said lightly, since we have all entered the stadium, let’s have a competition. In addition, ji’s fist and eye injuries are his own responsibility.
Accompanied by his sound, the three squares suddenly burst with majestic force, and then two of them immediately flashed the figure ji’s wrong battle.
Several eyes converged on these three squares, and then some eyes moved to stay in the third square, where the two did not immediately start work.
Sujia Sophie Su
Sophie Su line of sight swept the other two have to square immediately blunt Lin smile hand way
Lin also smiled. He knew that Sophie Su was waiting for the end of the other two battles, although the knot there should be expected early.
Friends don’t seem to be people from the windy sea, Sophie Su Road
Brother Su Yan doesn’t even know everyone in this vast sea area, does he? Lin Dong laughs
Hehe, that’s also Su Yan smiled. He stared at Lin Dong Dao. Brother Lin Dong should also know that you and I are important in this ji game, right
Lin Dong nodded slightly. If Gu Yan loses and Gu Mengqi wins, then both sides will win, and he who can win in Sophie Su means they are qualified to enter the round on behalf of the family.
That’s some apologies. I want to win this competition. Sophie Su smiles to say
Lin smiled and shook his head. Sophie Su didn’t hide at all. He also wanted to win this competition. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have a copy of the Big Wild Tower.